M Theory - A question

I'm pondering an idea about M-Theory and would love someone with more knowledge than me to clarify. In M-Theory there are 11 dimensions, the 3 space and 1 time that we know and 7 more, 'curled up' dimensions attached to every single point in the universe. I want to know what these dimensions 'do'?

Although it's massively unscientific, I'm an advocate of the idea of meaningful coincidence or synchronicity. It's a subjective belief which I hold due to my own experience. Allow me to give you an example. At a gig a few weeks ago, there was a wall with a library of books on it. I picked up 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time', a book I've already read as my show involves autism. I read a passage in which a policeman says to the boy "any more of that and I'm really going to lose my rag". No more than 30 seconds later, Sam, one of the staff who was trying to thread a piece of string through a lantern said "This is really making me lose my rag"

I laughed and told him what had happened, then showed him the passage. He remarked "It's weird, I never use that phrase" and I (half) joked, "Ha! I 'popped it' into your brain by reading it"

This happens to me a lot, but I've always felt that it's unexplainable if the universe is as we think a 4 dimensional beast. But if there are 7 extra 'non spatial' dimensions then maybe these carry things such as thoughts, intention, a vibe and then maybe there's a physical explanation for things that we currently think to be bunkum. If you'd told people before the discovery of electromagnetism that there were waves floating through the air through which you could send data, that could destroy cells and give people cancer, etc it would have seemed ridiculous too. 

Anyway, I would love to know from someone who understands M Theory (probably noone at the moment) whether they have any theories as to what these dimensions might do as I cannot imagine that they're redundant.

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    Dolli (Saturday, 16 June 2012 19:29)

    I believe perception is everything - I'm not sure I am the one 'in the know' - but I certainly think that perception is infinite and therefore, as I believe dimensions are perception, there are infinite dimensions...

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    Elliot (Tuesday, 20 August 2013 06:19)

    I was just reading this article and then I went to the fridge and found a Big M. Did you put it there? If so, thanks :)

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    Adam (Monday, 26 September 2016 12:38)

    Ha! Little bit of synchronicity -- I saw your Simmo's show in Brisbane last night, and the mate i went with was bagging me out last night for reading books about string theory. Lo and behold, i go to check out your blog, and the most recent entry is about string theory. Well, it gave me a 'ha' moment at least. I'm massively underqualified to join in your speculation, but i'll do so anyway. So speculating wildly on a somewhat speculative theory to begin with, i've often wondered if the mooted extra dimensions are required for 'everything' to go on, but whether we can only interact via our senses in a four-dimensional, cross-sectional kind of way. But maybe we can experience 'extra-sensory' stuff at the edges -- 'spiritual' stuff perhaps. More likely though, i've probably just gone insane in the membrane.

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