Rainbows (Breathtaking 'Ooooh'), Staggering Coincidences (Perplexed 'Ooooh'), Indiana Jones 4 (Disenchanted 'Ooooh')  Yianni's yarn about verbal ejaculations and the blurtworthy things that prompt them.  WARNING - Contains jokes about Scrabble, Nazis, Quantum Physics, Drugs, Philosophy, Orgasms and Ashley Cole.


It can be downloaded on Bandcamp or via a link in the Downloads section of the site.





edinburgh evening news ooohs satirical newspaper page 1
Edinburgh Evening Ooohs Page 1
edinburgh evening news ooohs satirical newspaper page 2
Edinburgh Evening Oooohs Page 2
edinburgh evening news ooohs satirical newspaper page 3
Edinburgh Evening Oooohs Page 3


There was a poster campaign to accompany the 'Edinburgh Evening Oooohs'  This whole poster campaign was meant to make me visible across Edinburgh in lieu of the usual PR Strategy that every man and his dog employs.  In retrospect it was spectacularly overambitious and too much work.  


I was however proud of our results.

Edinburgh poster campaign bubble wrap pop me
The 'Pop Me' poster was covered in bubble wrap
Edinburgh poster campaign attention media industry
This poster pointed away from the Pleasance Courtyard. Cheeky.
Edinburgh poster campaign ooooh fact
This is a true fact. Wild.
Edinburgh poster campaign word face drawing
This was just a large format version of Holli's awesome image made out of words
Edinburgh poster campaign thought of the day
We changed the thought each day which was lots of fun.
Edinburgh poster campaign poster booth
We put some mirrored paper on the blank part of this poster
Edinburgh poster campaign Equation number numbers
Another commentary on Free Fringe Shows
Edinburgh poster campaign ooooh schedule
We planned a series of daily happenings. These didn't end up happening :(