2018 - I, HUMAN




“Yianni has once again proven why he is an award winning comedian and in my opinion is the must-see comedian of the Adelaide Fringe.”

Glam Adelaide (Aus) «««««


“Highly educational, relevant and intelligently humorous, this isn't your typical stand-up show riddled with toilet jokes and over the top sexual references, it's much better.”

Fringe Feed (Aus) ««««1/2


“Thought provoking, surprisingly educational and intrinsically funny, it's another helping of the sharp social commentary that Yianni does so well”

Three Weeks (UK) ««««


“Having seen Yianni a few times I was prepared for a well thought out, highly entertaining and funny show and once again I was not disappointed”

One4Review (UK) ««««


“An hour of comedy that's the best of the best. Yianni Agisilaou pulls it off with the precision of a robot and the passion of a human.”

Short Com (UK) ««««


“Cracking use of a Commodore 64...A great show”

Voice Magazine (UK) ««««






COMMISSIONED - ABC TV 'Next Gen' Series 2




“A brilliant show and a master class in concentrated comedy.”

Lot’s Wife «««««


“A hilarious and powerful show from a powerful performer.”

Funny Tonne ««««« (Melbourne 2017)


“Simply put, wherever you are on the gender spectrum, you have to go see this show.” 

Yewth Mag Adelaide ««««« (Adelaide 2017)


 “Yianni captures the essence of society and turns double standards into a hilarious sequence of stories”

Glam Adelaide ««««« (Adelaide 2017)

Three to See “esteemed purveyor of comedy […] completely awesome” 

Three Weeks (Edinburgh 2017)


“honest, genuinely hysterical reflections on femininity vs masculinity […] a great spokesperson for feminism” 

Three Weeks (UK) ««««



2016: The Simpsons taught me everything I know


"You don’t need to know the Simpsons to laugh at and enjoy this show" - 4.5* Daily Review


"We all got our diploma in Homer" - 4.5* The Music


"Borders on genius" - Australian Stage


"Could see him booked for conventions" - Chortle


"His Troy McClure impression is a definite highlight" - Out in Perth


2015-2019: Comedians Against Humanity


"It’s wrong, its awkward, its whatever the total opposite of PC is, but goddamn it, it’s outrageously funny." - Tweet Perth


"A marriage made in heaven for anyone who likes their comedy to be near-the-knuckle" - TV Bomb (Edinburgh)


"Has the ability to go literally anywhere. And it does" - The Music


"I was not disappointed" - The Plus Ones



2015: Why did the Chicken cross the line?


Nominated - Best Comedy - Perth Fringe


'Bravely tackles the big issues' - The West Australian


'An entirely worthwhile hour in the company of a man who takes joy in the wielding of words like the late, great George Carlin used to do.' - TV Bomb
'If you've seen him before, go see him again.  If you haven't, go anyway' - One4Review

'Full of insightful, sharp social commentary' - Three Weeks


'The show's narrative has clearly been put together by a talented wordsmith' - Gigglebeats


'A thoroughly enjoyable hour' - Broadway Baby


'Gets a standing ovation' - Arts Award Voice



2013 Edinburgh: Think Big


Winner - Three Weeks Editors' Award


''A hefty gamble (booking the EICC), the Australian seems worthy of the punt on this evidence, channelling his easy good humour and restless analystical mind into the sort of risk-taking the Fringe ought to be about' - Scotsman


'A surprisingly complex show, with some extremely efficient writing' - The Skinny


'There is a temptation to say that Think Big is a good show for a free show, but this would be a good show even if you had to pay for it' - Beyond the Joke


'He earns big laughs, and offers some brilliant insights, using his experience to successfully improvise...which is always refreshing' - Three Weeks


'His best moments are off-the-cuff with the audience and show that there is a lot more skill than is necessarily demonstrated in his script' - Broadway Baby



2012 Edinburgh: Numb and Number"


'Stunningly good…Yianni’s abiding love of numbers is richly investigated in a show that should register on everyone’s spectrum of interest' - The Scotsman


'Exceptionally original…bizarre but wonderfully done…this is one of the best comedy shows you’ll see this year' - Fringeguru


'This show is a triumph…he manipulated the audience skillfully from the very beginning aided by an acute sense of timing and slick fast paced delivery' - Broadway Baby


'The script is tight, and full of sneaky worldplay and intelligent observations, making for a satisfying and enjoyable hour that rarely dips' - Chortle


'An act of real quality. Effortlessly engaging standup…an immensely enjoyable show' - Edinburgh Festivals Magazine


'Deep and thoughtful as well as charming and intelligent.  This is everything that a good show should be' - The Skinny


'You’d be pressed to find an equal or better show…Yianni feels like something new and refreshing in a world where so much can be the same' - Giggle Beats


'Yianni manages to inject heart and hilarity into the potentially stark world of numbers' - Three Weeks


'Yianni is a great comedian still waiting for stardom...the full house for the first show of the run laughed from start to finish' - Three Men and a Blog


2011 Edinburgh: Things that make you go "Oooh!"

'Yianni could be the next big thing' - Three Weeks


2010 Edinburgh - They @£$% you up: Greek Parents

'A skillfully crafted hour of wonderfully funny family anecdotes told with charm and passion' - Time Out


'Yianni can certainly spin a good story' - Spoonfed


2010 Edinburgh - The Universe: A User's Guide

'This very funny examination of what the Universe is takes us right from the Big Bang to the modern-day experiments in the Large Hadron Collider, and does so in hilarious fashion.  Yianni's show is interesting, funny and favourably comparable to the recent TV Series 'Wonders of the Solar System' - Three Weeks


2010 Melbourne Comedy Festival - 96 1/2 things that @£$% me off

'We are witnessing a phenomenon - there's perfectly timed and executed slapstick happening on stage, but it's completely spontaneous and unplanned.  It's extraordinary" - Beat Magazine, Australia


‘provides one of those rare occasions when you walk out of a comedy show with both impressive knowledge and remnants of ab-aches from uncontrollable laughter’ - Inpress, Australia


'Yianni begins to talk about his father and this segment really is the highlight of the show. Yianni fully inhabits this character, a truth-talking, womanising, hard-case Greek fisherman who “couldn’t be more full of himself if he ate his own arms.” He’s a great creation, spouting off egotistical aphorisms with an easy charm' - The Groggy Squirrel


'The only comedian I've encountered who can make quantum physics funny' - Trespass Magazine, Australia


2009 Edinburgh Fringe Festival - MP3some

It is always a joy to see a comic properly nail a show in idea and performance, and Agisilaou does it with this smart, pacy and, above all, very funny hour' - Chortle


'sharp social commentary to compare favourably with Woody Allen in his Annie Hall/Manhattan period' - Chortle


'An accomplished and charming performance' - Three Weeks


2009 Melbourne Comedy Festival - Comelody

'It was all laughs in the perfect setting of the quilt room at Trades Hall' - Artshub


2008 Melbourne Comedy Festival - Maybe YOU'D like to teach the class

'Audience interaction was pure genius.  His highly literary and accessible humour had the audience eating out of his hands' - The Groggy Squirrel (Australia)


2007 Edinburgh Fringe Festival - Maybe YOU'D like to teach the class

'Seasoned stand-up performer Yianni delivers an intellectually challenging show full of wit and swift remarks, and keeps the audience in stitches throughout with his comical anecdotes' - Three Weeks


2006 Edinburgh Fringe Festival - Yianni's Head

'it is testament to the skill of the writing and the warmth of his performance that a sparklingly intelligent, emotionally aware piece succeeded with an audience that included a quota of late-night drunks who sat with rapt attention when they'd probably been more at home with an hour of wank jokes and stereotypes' - Chortle ****


2003 Melbourne Comedy Festival - USA

'With the ability to provide a consistently hilarious 50 minute show, we are sure that this young man is the one to watch on the circuit and a frontrunner for the Barry Newcomer Award this year' - Inpress Magazine


'Written late last year after a whirlwind post September 11 tour through the States it features brilliant impersonations, hilarious sarcasm and relentless piss-taking of American cultural products. Yianni, who was robbed in the 2001 Raw Comedy Final is a fast, friendly and perceptive comic'  - Beat Magazine


2001 Raw Comedy Final

'Particularly noteworthy were Michael Chamberlin, Ross Janetzki, Penny Tangey and Yianni Agisilaou, although the last flew dangerously close to the wind by suggesting that anyone could write a Fawlty Towers script in ten minutes: mock Scooby Doo if you must, but mock not the high priest of sitcom scriptwriting, ye mortal!'


'Special mention to Yianni Agisilaou too, and not just because I have to keep looking up his name: He's hilarious' -